Sarah Belle

Tranquility Stacking Bracelet (Diffuser)


"Tranquility is always available." Through high-vibe crystals and thoughtfully designed jewelry, activate your awareness, elevate consciousness and empower your authentic expression to connect you to deeper aspects of your own inner light. 

The tranquil stacking bracelet is made with peach aventurine, amazonite, coco shell, lavastone, and pink aventurine to calm an overactive and anxious mind. These crystals blend beautifully together to create a soft, soothing mix of energies that will inspire your spirit and serve as a reminder that everything will be ok.

This bracelet can also be used as a diffuser. To diffuse your favorite essential oil, simply drop a few drops of oil in the grey lavastone bead.

  • Approx 7.5"L
  • Stretchy elastic cord 
  • Comes packaged with a description card.
  • Natural stones will vary slightly in color.
  • Accent stones may vary slightly in shape and size from what it shows.
  • Colors may vary with different viewing devices.

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