5 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Besties

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to show your bestie how much you appreciate and care for her! Though our hubbies mean the world to us, life just wouldn’t be the same without the ladies in our lives! This holiday is all about spreading love and kindness, and we think it’s the perfect time to show your besties a little extra love too!

 At PinkTag, we understand the importance of friendship and the role that it plays in our lives. That's why we've curated a list of fun and unique Valentine's Day gifts that are perfect for your bestie. From cute and quirky to sweet and thoughtful, we have something for every type of bestie out there. Whether you're looking for a gift that will make her laugh or something that will make her feel special, we've got you covered. Shop our XOXO Collection for a curated selection of Valentine’s Day gifts and find something perfect for those ladies who make every day just a little extra brighter! 


We all have our favorite homebodies! Those friends who prefer to spend their evenings at home instead of a night on the town. These are the besties you can really just relax with and be yourself around. So, this Galentine’s day, give them something that says how much you love their commitment to keeping it real — and cozy!

 A fun Galentine’s gift idea for your favorite homebody is a cute little kit of stay-at-home essentials! We’re loving the Be Wine Valentine’s Wine Cup paired with their favorite bottle of wine. With this gift, your bestie can pour themselves a chilled glass of wine, or even warm hot cocoa, and relax for hours without having to leave the coziness of the couch! Pair this with a cute and festive graphic tee — we’re obsessed with the I Hate People Graphic Tee for all the loveable introverts out there, but the Nope Heart Tee is another fave — and they’ll be ready to celebrate Valentine's from the comfort of their own home! Go the extra mile and gift them our adorable Valentine’s Pillow Cases to bring a little extra festivity to their home decor — and maybe even invite yourself over to celebrate their way with a cozy movie night! It's a great way to bond with your bestie and have a fun time.


We all admire those besties whose commitment to self-care is inspiring. The ones who are always up on the latest skincare and health trends, and who give you the motivation you need to take some time for yourself every once in a while. Show them the same love with a Galentine’s day gift that says “you deserve a spa day.”

 At PinkTag, we have a variety of spa essentials and bath bombs for all the self-care ladies out there. Gift her an entire day of relaxation with our Enchanting Spa Gift Set, which is beautifully packed with an assortment of goodies, including a candle, face mask, lip balm, and more. If your besties can’t go a couple of days without a relaxing bath, we have Bath Bombs made just for them! We’re obsessed with the vibrant and moisturizing Mini Bath Truffles, but the scents in our Natural Bath Bomb Collection will perfectly elevate their bath experience. Don’t forget to include a pair of our Leo Plush Socks so they can stay cozy throughout their spa day — and maybe even a Stemless Swig Cup to add a festive touch to the occasion! This is a great gift to show your bestie that you want her to take some time for herself and relax.


We all have that bestie that never misses a chance to celebrate! Whether it’s bringing cupcakes to the office for everyone’s birthday or sending you a thoughtful note during the holiday to let you know they’re thinking about you, these ladies are endlessly thoughtful — and you never catch them without themed accessories to go along with the occasion. This Galentine’s Day, show her you recognize her commitment to keeping it festive with some fashionable accessories!

 For these festive fashionistas, a new piece of jewelry will never disappoint. A new pair of earrings or a necklace that add a fresh — and festive — touch to any outfit. We’re in love with the new Conversation Hearts Drop Earrings, but the retro look of the Heart Drop Hoop Earrings is very on-trend. Pair them with an understated top, like our Hugs and Kisses Graphic Tee or red Say No More Sweater, and you’ve got an outfit they can’t wait to show off at work this Valentine’s Day! Complete the look with a hot pink Belt Bag and some colorful drinkware — like our Confetti Swig Water Bottle or Blush Swig Tumbler — and they can keep the festivities going all season long! 


Everyone has a bestie they know to call when they're in desperate need of a comfort meal. These ladies know all the best restaurants, and they’ll never pass on a chance to grab drinks or pizza with their besties. These self-proclaimed foodies know how to help you savor every moment, and nothing brings you together like bonding over a delicious meal! Show your bestie how much you appreciate their adventurous spirit — and appetite — with some adorable foodie-themed Valentine’s Day gifts this year!

If your bestie is a foodie, you can’t go wrong with one of our festive graphic tees, like the Tacos Are My Valentine Tee. This tee not only fits their personality perfectly, but it’s sure to give them a laugh! It’s the perfect gift to inspire a fun girls’ night out for a delicious meal. If your favorite little foodie is your daughter or granddaughter, you can’t pass up our adorable Fries Before Guys Toddler Tee. This is the perfect little surprise to gift them before their Valentine’s Day party at school, too! Lastly, we all know our favorite foodies are never seen without stylish drinkware, so give them something festive, like our Disco Heart Tumblers. These adorable cups will make her favorite drink a little more festive — and may even inspire a fun Galentine’s dinner party! 


Finally, we all have that bestie who loves a girls’ night out. These besties are not only outgoing, they’re the life of the party! Without them, it would be impossible to get all your girlfriends together for fun game nights or trips out of town. You admire their free-spiritedness and always look to them for fashion advice. Show them how much you love their ability to take action with a Galentine’s gift that says “let’s plan a night on the town!”

 For these trendy, outgoing ladies, a new outfit is all the inspiration they need to call up the girls for drinks. Give her something festive and fun that will make sure she looks and feels her best on your next night out — like the super cute Carey Blazer Dress or Dyani Dress. She can wear these festive styles on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Or, make sure she’s the star of the show in our Red Hot Sequin Dress or Malibu Laced Cami. Don’t forget to finish her look with some festive accessories! Our Moody Heart and Jazzy Stars Jewelry Set is the perfect understated holiday look. Lastly, elevate her outfit even further with the Neapolitan Beaded Purse — and don’t forget to drop some hints for a fun girls’ night out together! 

No matter what gift you choose for your bestie, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart! At PinkTag, we have a wide variety of gifts that are perfect for your bestie. Whether you're looking for a gift that will make her feel special, or you want to surprise her with something cute and thoughtful, we've got you covered! Shop our XOXO Collection today and find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your bestie.

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