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 Our Pickleball Collection Explained

If you've recently found yourself captivated by the fun and camaraderie of pickleball, you're not alone! PinkTag's pickleball collection is curated for those ladies who are new to this delightful sport and looking to blend their love for fashion with the newfound hobby.

But perhaps you haven't even picked up a paddle yet. No worries, this collection contains a range of paddles perfect for beginners. With unique design variations, from the playful pink stripe pattern to the trendy camo texture, you are bound to find a paddle that resonates with your style. And our sling bags are not just about functionality; they're a fashion statement on their own, ensuring you carry your gear with flair.

Albeit, we believe pickleball is more than just a game; it's a way to express yourself. That's why you can celebrate your new passion with our pickleball-themed accessories. Our 'Pickleballer' hat, for example, is a fun way to show off your new hobby, whether you're on the court or on the go. And our paddle-shaped earrings, available in various colors and styles, add a touch of whimsy to your everyday look.

New to pickleball and excited to dive in? Explore PinkTag's pickleball collection, where beginner-friendly gear meets pickleball-inspired fashion for women. Whether you're practicing your serve or catching up with friends after a game, let PinkTag be your go-to for all things pickleball!

Update: Joining this collection of women's pickleball apparel and accessories are our skorts, perfect for combining style and functionality on the court. 

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