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If you’ve ever said the phrase, “I carry my whole life in my bag,” we feel you! As busy moms and hardworking women, our tote bags get us through the day! Honestly, we really do carry our whole lives in our Neoprene Totes. From laptops to phone chargers, snacks, and makeup, you’re sure to find it all in our purses. If you can’t make it through the day without the help of your tote bag, like us, PinkTag has the perfect boutique carry-all bag for you! With a spacious interior and lightweight yet durable materials, our neoprene totes are exactly what you’re looking for in a new purse. Even better — our neoprene totes come in an almost endless variety of cute colors and prints! From camo to hot pink and everything in between, PinkTag has the perfect neoprene purse for every style. 

Having the perfect neoprene tote is about more than just carrying around the essentials — you should love how it looks too! Bags are an indispensable part of your style; they say so much about your personality. That’s why we love how you can express yourself in an endless variety of colors and prints from PinkTag’s neoprene tote collection. One of our absolute favorite styles of neoprene purses at PinkTag is the solid-color stripe totes. Whether you prefer a timeless color, like tan and brown, or you love a brightly colored statement bag, PinkTag has the perfect neoprene totes for you! With stripes of color down the front and durable contrasting handles, our solid neoprene bags offer a cute pop of color to give your outfit something unexpected, whether you're headed to the office or out on a brunch date with your girlfriends.  

Another surprising benefit of carrying a neoprene tote from PinkTag is that it can help you stay organized and prepared for various activities throughout the day — especially with the help of our convenient purse organizers. Having a designated place for everything in your purse makes it easier to find what you need in a hurry while also keeping your neoprene bag clutter-free. With a bag organizer, it’s easy to switch between purses, so your neoprene tote can easily double as a gym bag or overnight bag in a pinch. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory to join you on your weekend travels or just need a versatile tote bag for everyday activities, our neoprene totes are exactly what you’re looking for! Shop PinkTag’s continually updating selection of neoprene totes for the perfect styles for every occasion.

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